ORGAINVENT-System for origin labelling of meat

Ever since 1st September 2000, declarations of origin have had to be made for every piece of beef that is marketed in the EU. All of the participants in the market, i.e. slaughterhouses, cutting plants, wholesalers, food retail chains of dedicated butchers' shops, as well as direct farm sales outlets, are obliged to do this. The legal basis for this is provided by European Regulations Nr. 1760/2000, 1825/2000 and 275/2007 as well as further national regulations.

Since 1. April 2015 origin labelling for prepacked pork, sheep, goat and poultry meat for final consumers and mass caterer is required by Reg. (EU) 1337/2013.

Additional to the prescribed origin information, the companies have to comply with different requirements for documentation and for batching.

In order to be able to use declarations concerning meat that go beyond those required by law (e.g. category, breed, housing and feeding standards, regional origins or quality meat programs), every market participant has to prove, if these indications are objective, not misleading and verifiable by the competent authorities. The indications shall, where appropriate, be based on the relevant scientific data.


ORGAINVENT is the leading German labelling organisation; its specification was approved as long ago as 1998 - in the times of voluntary beef labelling in accordance with Reg. (EC) 820/ 97. ORGAINVENT does not itself sell meat, but sees itself as a service provider for the meat industry with the task of communicating the requirements for the European and nationals legal texts and their relevance in practice at the different process stages.

The ORGAINVENT system for origin labeling of meat supports all system participants in implementing the law into their own origin labeling requirements.

Statistics: 06.01.2020

Number of subscribing businesses: 261 (Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg)

Theses are distributed among the process stages as follow (multiple reports are possible)

Slaughter:                 48 with 72 premises              

Cutting:                    111 with 156 premises               

Wholesale trade:       91 with 153 premises   

Retail trade:              58 with 11.345 consumer sales outlets

Butchery businesses: 78 with 254 consumer sales outlets

Direct sale from Farm: 6 with 9 premises

The companies are distributed among the meat types as follow (multiple reports are possible)
Beef (incl. veal)
Goat and sheep meat