ORGAINVENT GmbH provides the following marketing-independent services within the framework of QS coordination:

  • Registration and enrolment of businesses into the QS System
  • Commissioning of independent QS inspections and tracking of inspection dates
  • Organisation of QS animal feed monitoring and of QS residue monitoring for the fruit, vegetable and potato sectors
  • Supporting and advising the businesses participating in QS salmonella monitoring
  • Telephone and, by arrangement, on-site consultation
  • Regular information service on agricultural issues in the QS System
  • Provision of QS guidelines and checklists as well as other documentation and technical information
  • Training in preparation for upcoming QS inspections

Specifically for GLOBALGAP businesses:

  • Registration and administration of master data in the QS database to acknowledge the standard in the QS System

The following costs are incurred for the services listed:

  • Annual coordinator fees
  • Inspection costs after carrying out an initial or follow-up QS inspection
  • Charges for animal feed analysis if required (applies only to self-mixing agricultural businesses)
  • Charges for residue monitoring if required (fruit and vegetables)

We will be glad to send you a detailed overview of the costs.